Excelsior is Ultimate Car Care Products serie for high performance products thats will satisfy the most demanding entusiasts.

Clarity is a well balanced Car Wash that is produced mainly for the dedicated entusiasts and continuously maintain the finish on their vehicle. To offer these customers the best possible Car Wash for their succes with their beloved vehicle we have developed a car wash with a focus on good cleaning characteristics and an impressing and exclusive luster. All that with a consideration to avoid the vanliga problem that it should not be too much surface even for the most passionated enthusiasts! As you may have experienced, there can be problems with difficulties to get the surface clean and proper, and that the surface get greasy with flammable surface and swirls drainage marks can occur if you often use products for specific surface properties.

This car wash is developed especially for all of you who want to add that little extra with a detailer, a spray wax och ceramic spray for your preferred surface characteristics. All that with a reduced and minimized risk for all the well known negative consequences on the the vehicles finish from a really eager, continuous and dedicated car care routines.

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